SeaIsle Supreme is a new and improved semi-dwarf Seashore Paspalum variety developed by Dr. Ron Duncan. Like its relative, SeaIsle 1 Paspalum, SeaIsle Supreme requires less nitrogen and less water than many other warm-season cultivars. It is best to use organic type or slow release fertilizers. These are ideally applied during early spring and fall. Paspalums do not require nitrogen during the summer months to maintain color, but a high phosphorus rate is recommended.

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Grass Watering
For established paspalum watering deep and infrequent is best. You will want to water every 3-4 days during the growing season and apply an inch of water per week.

The general rule of thumb is 10 minutes of water for everyday your lawn is not watered. For example if you water every third day you will water 30 minutes. If you have extreme slopes or areas where water cannot penetrate the soil or runs off, it is best to apply the 30 minutes in a cycle soak pattern. This would be to set your clock for two cycles during the morning and a soak time in between to allow water infiltration and control excess runoff.

Paspalums should be watered early in the morning to eliminate any environmental competition and so the leaf dries faster eliminating any disease potential.
Nutrient Management
The fertilizer and water requirements have made it a very popular grass, as it seems to dislike nitrogen and thrives on organic materials such as milorganite. The watering schedule can be very different than a bermudagrass in that it seems to tolerate stress better than bermudagrass on a 3-4 day watering schedule.

(5-10 minutes per every day not watered). Organic type fertilizers maybe used to help keep water bills down. Sea Spray is very prone to scalping with excessive water and fertilizer so it is best kept to a minimum.
Mowing Tip
Paspalums have a wide range of mowing heights depending on the specific variety. Paspalums can be maintained between 1/10" for the finer leaf bladed plant and between ½" to 2 inches for the coarser varieties.

Decide on a desired length for the turf. Continue to mow maintaining this height so that no more than 1/3 the height is being mowed off at one time.

Grass should be mowed 1-2 times per week for coarse varieties and 5-7 times per week to maintain grass at putting green height.