Celebration Bermuda grass is an Australian Breed Cynodon dactylon developed by renowned turf grass breeder Rod Riley that offers specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sportsturf managers and homeowner’s exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of applications. Celebration requires less mowing than typical bermuda varieties and has tough runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength, wear ability, and improved drought tolerance.


Grass Watering
Celebration is the first Bermuda grass to exhibit improved tolerance in sports turf comparisons.

The secret to its toughness is deep-set roots. After sod containing Celebration Bermuda is laid, it is not difficult to imagine those roots almost instantly burrowing through the soil. The result is a solid base for the grass atop to balance upon. Some studies have shown that Celebration has more of a tolerance for shady situations than other Bermuda varieties. That bodes well for golf courses, which aren’t entirely out in the open.

Ever hear the phrase “He’s growing like a weed?” Even more impressive would be: “He’s growing like a plot of Celebration Bermuda!” This grass is eager to sprout and quickly spreads throughout the area where it is planted. Slow vertical growth of the blades means less mowing good for your maintenance fees.
Nutrient Management
Established Celebration exhibits drought tolerance due to improved plant genetics and growth characteristics:

Watering requirements are greatly dependent on soil type, season, geography and other factors. Ensure irrigation systems are working properly and covering all areas covered by Celebration. Make routine observations of the landscape and learn the signs (i.e. wilting) that indicate when irrigation is required

Shaded areas and heavy soils require less water than full-sun areas and sandy soils. Encourage deep root growth by watering until the soil is moist to a depth of 3”, shallow watering encourages shallow roots. Infrequent deep watering maximizes drought resistance and tolerance
Mowing Tip
Mowing is a critical and often under-appreciated cultural practice: Maintain Celebration at 0.5-2” (1” is optimal), Heights above 2” will reduce quality, Rotary mowers are preferred for heights 1” or higher

Reel mowers are preferred for heights below 1”. Mow every 5-7 days during the active growing season. Mow every 10-14 days, or as needed, during cooler weather Never cut more than 1/3 of the total length of the blade at any one mowing. If a scheduled mowing is missed and clippings clump on top of the Celebration, bag or vacuum clippings to reduce shadeout Vertical mowing (verticutting) may be performed to renovate Celebration