Of all the grass like plants, liriope is a huge favorite for South Florida. Sometimes known as "Lilyturf," it's commonly available in varieties which grow about 18" to 24" tall. A moderate grower with purple flower spikes, liriope is cold-tolerant and does well in Zone 9B or Zone 10. This plant is equally at home in sun or shade. Water regularly but with time to let the plant dry out a bit between watering.

Learn More About The GREEN LIRIOPE

Planting Instructions
Plant Ground Cover Use: Grass like liriope makes an excellent ground cover because of its arching, green or variegated foliage and mounding habit. Specimens planted close together quickly form dense masses that crowd out weeds. Liriope spicata, a vigorous spreader, can even be used to replace lawn grass in situations such as sandy soil or shady spaces, where grass does not thrive.

Growth Habit: Individual liriope plants grow 10 to 18 inches tall and wide. Liriope spicata spreads more quickly than the muscari species, expanding by way of underground rhizomes. Multiple spikes of purple, white or sometimes pink flowers appear in late summer. Liriope is often evergreen, though old leaves should be cut back in late winter.
Plant Care Tips
Growing Conditions: Liriope is not fussy about soil and location. Though the plants flower best in full sun, they can thrive in shade even in the shade of mature trees. The roots will hold the soil and prevent erosion on sunny or shady slopes.