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These are supremely simple-to-grow plants that don't get too tall, spread wide, and are often used for low-maintenance ground cover plants. Their silvery or blue-green color fades to more of a soft green as the plants mature, and they play an effective, understudy role in landscaping often surrounding a focal point such as a showy palm or small flowering tree. Builders landscape many new homes in Florida with these plants because of their hardy nature and easy of care.

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Planting Instructions
At first glance, you may think this type of plant looks like an "up-North" shrub but the texture, color and pattern of growth can lend a grassy, Beach'ie look against a backdrop of tropical plants.

These plants do best in full to partial sun. They're cold hardy, thriving anywhere in South Florida, as well as being drought tolerant once established. The rate of growth is slow for these low-growing, wide-spreading shrubs that only grow a foot or two tall.
Plant Care Tips
Juniper shrubs are a low maintenance plant to grow. Junipers thrive in full sun and in well drained soils. They also prefer an acidic pH soils but will grow in soil pHs that are not acidic. Junipers are used for ground-covers and border plantings.

They are especially helpful in preventing soil erosion, weed control, and planting on difficult to access parts of a landscape. Juniper shrubs are drought tolerant and perform quite well in rock gardens. Most varieties of juniper require very little pruning, if any. Be sure to leave enough room for the juniper plant to spread.
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