One of the smallest croton plants is Mammy a red variety with bright red, yellow and green leaves, or a yellow Mammy with yellow foliage and a bit of green. When shopping for a croton or another foliage plant, always look at lower leaves. These will generally indicate what the overall color and look of the plant will be when it's more Mature.

Learn More About The CROTON MAMMY

Planting Instructions
The Mammy croton can be maintained about 2 to 2-1/2 feet. Different varieties can be planted together for a riot of color and a mix of textures, or place several of the same variety to grow together in a "drift."

These gorgeous shrubs can jazz up an all-green landscape or work well with flowering shrubs or other plants prized for their bright foliage. A benefit of mixing crotons with flowering shrubs is the consistency of color in the landscape, even while other plants are not in bloom.
Plant Care Tips
These are slow growers, and most can easily be kept 3 feet (or less for smaller varieties). You can plant in almost any light full sun to partial shade with some types of this plant, like the classic Petra, preferring a bit more shade.

Many (such as Mammy croton) attain their brightest coloring in full sun. Moderately salt-tolerant, These plants contain toxins, and are considered to be resistant to damage from deer.
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