Verawood is a hearty evergreen with dark green foliage and golden yellow blooms. It is a large, well-shaped tree, easily reaching heights over 40 feet. Verawood is excellent as a shade tree or planted on its own.

Learn More About The VERAWOOD TREE

Planting Instructions
Touting fine, rich green foliage and unique, radial, yellow flowers through the warmth of summer, Verawood is an exceptionally beautiful tropical tree. Native to Colombia and Venezuela, this slow-growing evergreen can be found inhabiting dry tropical forests.

Its reddish brown bark flakes off in a visually appealing way, and the wood is dense and desirable for furniture making. The fine, compound leaves of Verawood are comprised of eight or nine small, oval leaflets. These are arranged alternately on the stems. When weather conditions are wet and warm, a lovely display of golden yellow flowers is borne in profusion. Each blossom has five spoon-like petals. When pollinated by insects, winged seeds (called samaras) are produced, which turn from light green to tan. Each samara has five keels and one seed.
Plant Care Tips
Grow Verawood in full sun and average, well-drained soil that is not highly alkaline. It will tolerate poor soils and will withstand drought once established. Trees should be protected from tropical storms as they tend to have weak root systems that are easily upturned.

Water and fertilize regularly in spring and summer, but allow it to remain dry in winter. Verawood makes a beautiful specimen shade tree in tropical regions and can even be used for bonsai.